The world of cheerleading has changed a lot over the last 138 years. What started as an all-male activity in 1877 has become an extremely competitive sport, 95% female. It is hard to imagine the once ankle length skirts and human pyramids as a stepping stone for modern day techniques but it is certainly true!

This organization started as something similar. An idea sparked in the heart of a group of coaches who cheered side by side as children and coached side by side as adults. It all started with a local organization that gave us the stepping stones and then the family we needed to start a new journey. So after 15 years of dreaming, it’s finally time.

We present to you the Conshohocken Elite Competition Organization! We are Panthers! It is here that we promise to give your daughters the experience they’ve been wanting. The chance not only to connect with their community but to participate in something that has the unconditional support they deserve!